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bahar1389 1759
guantebla 1686
cocochess 1608
kingkillerr 1597
cyber_partisan 1215



alkemisti 2043
geo31 1821
asuasuasuasu 1761
partisanos 1757
mahsa1990 1741
ChesSuxX 1740
Grigory 1706
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  2. Elo question Marcawesome I didn't even look at that. Thanks.
  3. Elo question NM DrunkTal It appears as though nearly all of his games were against the AI, whic […]
  4. Elo question Marcawesome Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but why did this person lose so much […]
  5. One mistake AjitChandra No idea what vbajnok was saying, but great game! I learn by coming her […]
  6. One mistake l_alexsp Why don't you say wtf do you mean with that puzzle and please click on […]
  7. BUGHOUSE Patrizsche ...will be an addition to the site someday, I hope.
  8. The 3 times repetition stopped […] thibault It's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. One mistake vbajnok sorry that was a correct puzzle, my stats are correct too - i think […]
  10. Rating system OneOfTheQ The rating system only cares about results; it doesn't care how they'r […]
  11. The 3 times repetition stopped […] IvTK the same
  12. Improve "Training" section vbajnok sorry that was a correct puzzle
  13. One mistake l_alexsp vbajnok, I believe that I really need training, but why don't you chal […]
  14. Team Play and Tournaments IvTK Team matches could be exciting. I don't understand why such functional […]
  15. Rating system mandeep Does the rating system take into account games that are lost by time?
  16. Team Play and Tournaments 1nate2nate We could break teams down into class: A = 3000-2500 , B = 2500-2100, […]
  17. Team Play and Tournaments 1nate2nate I know we have the ability to create and join teams... but not much h […]
  18. Disqus comments for training p […] zazz4 There are comments under puzzles that are clearly about other positions.
  19. New Chesscademy Course - Strat […] galoistheory This sequence is very nimzowitsch, I like it. In the advanced part […]
  20. The 3 times repetition stopped […] clevereduardo same thing happened to me just now. I actually lost the game due to ti […]
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