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  2. Forum Improvement andonuts I've always thought that the minimalism of the forum is good, because […]
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  4. Suggestions regarding quick player info Dionysus_god Your win/loss score does appear during a game. It's right below the board.
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  9. Bliz game length bug dogeatdog When I hover Blitz on my profile page it says Blitz "3 to 8 minutes". […]
  10. Correspondence game disappeared Unihedron It seems that your opponent resigned. See this:
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  14. Can we have a Export standard […] Nils-Hero As otherwise Scid (and probably other databases) gives errors when imp […]
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  16. Hello team of Lichess!!! Hellball If I understood that correctly, you want the engine to give you an est […]
  17. Correspondence Chess Solal35 No, but opening book is generaly allowed the first 10 moves
  18. Correspondence Chess KK_aka_nemo I wondered, is engine assistence allowed in correspondence chess on lichess?
  19. Tournament System Improvement gagaku Why not put tournaments on alternately between on the hour and on the […]
  20. Tournament Times Suggestion gagaku Why not put tournaments on alternately between on the hour and on the […]
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