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Hourly SuperBlitz 45m  0
Hourly Blitz 50m  32
Alexander  2+0 Anti Rated 40m  1/5
Allison  3+0 Anti Rated 40m  3/4
Herbert  2+0 Rated 40m  2/4
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  2. LICHESS Enhancer (aka Topbar menu) corey561 I like that menu a lot!
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  8. Result of the simuls Garry in […] Kutford I meant the simultaneous exhibition they played on April 24th, not their clash.
  9. Achievements Woltan Bump Is there something new to report on this feature request?
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  16. 2nd Correspondence CHESS Tournament YoNOsoyMike Right now... 20!!
  17. 2nd Correspondence CHESS Tournament proof_07 Yo Mike! How many participants we have?
  18. Suggestion: Limit game abortion Acemond I see a lot of players aborting a game AFTER the color has been picked […]
  19. taking their time sellaman […]
  20. 2nd Correspondence CHESS Tournament YoNOsoyMike There is only 4 days left for signing up for the 2nd Correspondence Ch […]
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